Monday, November 2, 2015

Proper Body Language During A Job Interview (part 1 of 2)

A job interview is very essential for both the employer and applicant for the very reason that it will be the basis of rejecting or accepting the applicant for the vacant job. Thus, as an applicant, it is relevant that he or she must be fully prepared for the job interview. You must remember that your employer or interviewer does not only consider the way you dress, your credentials, or even your answers to his questions. Your body language is also being well-observed.

Your body language can tell another person what kind of person you are, your emotions, and state of mind. An employer would be looking for a confident and competent employee. Thus, you should know and learn the posture to maintain, movements to impress, and gestures to avoid during the interview.

Postures You Must Maintain

Never slouch! Either in sitting or standing, slouching would give the impression of laziness or lack of confidence. Do not sit at the edge of the chair, this would mean that you are too nervous or tense. Simply relax into your chair, and place your hands on your lap. Crossing the legs is not really advisable, but nonetheless it is fine, as long as the direction of your body is towards the interviewer.

Movements To Impress

You can show your interest and confidence through handshakes, and you can give a good first impression as well. However, there are times wherein initiating the handshake would make you appear overconfident. When you shake hands, make sure you make eye contact, but not longer than three seconds. Your palm should be able to touch the palm of your interviewer. Extend your arm and point your hand downwards.

Eye contact is important in a job interview. This shows that you are honest, sincere, and confident. The lack of eye contact may mean that you are lying or being uncomfortable.

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