Thursday, November 26, 2015

Help With Knitting (part 2 of 2)

To take care of complex problems like holes in your knitting projects, here is some knitting help to solve the problem. The common reason for holes in the knitting project is the yarn over. The inevitable wrapping of yarn over your needle is termed as yarn over, it usually happens, when you are not knitting a stitch.

This problem can mess up your pattern in return messing up your project. The way you can solve this problem is by unknitting. Well there is no need to ravel your whole project, just unknit the portion beyond the hole. And then resume your knitting. After mastering the art of knitting you can use these holes to create beautiful patterns in your project.

Baby blunders occur with most of the beginners. While you are happily knitting your project, you suddenly see some problem in you stitches or rows. This is the easiest problem to solve; you will not need much knitting help for this problem. All you have to do is retrace your steps and unknitting them on your left needle, so that you can knit them correctly. Then rectify your mistake to precede knitting.

The larger problems, you face during knitting, can be rectified only by unraveling the whole garment. Though this can be a little disappointing but, you can benefit from the practice you get from raveling and redoing. Once you master this art you can easily correct all your problems without any knitting help.

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